Different types of arcade machines for you

game Sep 09, 2021

Arcade game machine and is commercial facilities in the installation is for the business of the game machine of the generic name is. Mainly home-use game machine and the contrast are.

Arcade game machine apparatus of freedom high, home-use game machine in easily achieved cannot be high-performance and large- screen, Japanese Koto a play environment the realization kills. In addition, the video game to the present invention is not limited, the prize won the purpose play as a prize game and, whack-a-mole, such as play to the way the game machine in an arcade game machine is included. There is a name called " elemeca " as a division to contrast with video games.

Arcade games can be broadly divided into two types: video games and electromechanical games. In addition, in rare cases, casino tables, board games, TCG dual spaces, etc. may be set up to operate analog games as non-powered games. An analog game specialty store with only a casino table is called a casino bar, but since it is treated the same as a game center, it is necessary to obtain a business license under the Fudosan Law. On the other hand, Dual Space, which specializes in TCG, generally does not require approval under the law, but in addition to renting a place, a clerk is involved in the game (playing a judge, a game master, or a single customer). Etc.), approval is required as a customs business).